Concrete & Asphalt Joint Sealing

Joint Sealing Joint Cleaning

Joint sealants are materials that simply, but effectively, reduce the amount of water and solids that are allowed into a joint, which assists in extending the lifespan of roadways, runways, and parking lots in two ways:

  • Reduction of excessive heating/cooling expansion damage. 
  • Reduction of damage caused by material compression into the joint.

Sealants have also been reported to reduce corrosion to dowel bars by reducing their exposure to de-icing chemicals. It is important to remember that no sealant gives a perfectly watertight seal. However, the goal is not perfection, but rather to protect and extend the life of installations as simply and economically as possible.

ISC crew members are experts in cleaning sidewalls and in shaping reservoir cuts to maximize the effectiveness of the different sealants for each of our individual project.

With experience installing:

  • hot pour seals
  • silicone seals
  • two-component seals
  • jet-fuel resistant seals
  • compressive seals

ISC crew members are able to efficiently apply sealants in a timely fashion to avoid delays of completion dates.